Talent Award Winners


Last week we held our Autumn Term Curriculum Talent Awards.

We are currently driving the wider curriculum subjects and raising their profile to unearth the talent we have across all of our academies.

We will be hosting Curriculum Talent Awards at the end of each term to celebrate our outstanding artists, geographers and historians etc. This is something that we want to do to recognise gifted and talented children across the curriculum.

At the end of the academic year, we intend to bring all the winners together from each subject to give them an enrichment experience from a subject specialist at one of our neighbouring secondary academies.

For the awards, every teacher nominated children in their class for the 13 different subjects who they believed showed a real passion for the subject in question. Once all the nominees had been decided, subject leaders met with them to discuss what they loved about that subject and why. This gave the subject leaders a fantastic opportunity to find out about what was going on in their subject area and to get the thoughts of the children on it. Afterwards, the subject leaders picked a winner who they thought could speak most passionately about the subject and demonstrated a clear love for learning in that area.

On the day of the awards, Mr Wilson and Mr Oliver visited all 5 academies to present the awards to the winners. The children received trophy and will also have their name engraved on a Talent shield which will be on display in the reception area.

Both Mr Wilson and Mr Oliver spoke very highly about the amazing behaviour and fantastic attitudes of our children.

The event was a huge success and we are already looking out for those children who show a real passion for a given subject so that they can be nominated in the Spring Curriculum Talent Awards.